Make Him Known

We use media, our own personal testimonies and the testimonies of other every day people who through this challenge have become actively engaged in sharing their faith.


We provide a Bible for every person in the church to give away and give them one week to do it. We also give them a comment card to fill out on how they gave their Bible away. They hand the card in the following week so that the leaders know that the challenge was taken. The testimonies are then relayed back to Give the Word to encourage others.

The Challenge:

Give the Word will come in to your church
(if available) to give a presentation and message on the clear command that Christ gave to every believer to share their faith.

From a pastor: "The happiest Christians we have in our church are ones who take joy in sharing their faith."


Quote from an atheist: "If Christians actually believe that the only way to heaven is through Jesus much do they have to HATE their neighbor not to share that with them" …WOW!!!


From a recipient of this project: "I found Christ through receiving a Bible. Why did it take 42 years for someone to share this with me? Christians are robbing people like me of eternity by keeping their mouths shut"


From a recipient of this project: "Because of this Bible, I am now the first Christian in my entire family. Thank you so much for the work you saved me"